Our Philosophy

Monash Children's Centre Philosophy to the Child

At Monash Children’s Centre, we value each child as unique and deserving of respect, providing an environment which welcomes children and families of all abilities.  We recognise the family as the child’s first teacher and respect them as an expert on their child.  Furthermore, we acknowledge that siblings have extraordinary relationships which will be treasured regardless of physical barriers.  The early years are cherished, providing children with time and freedom to enjoy their childhood.

All children are seen as competent and capable learners.  A balance of opportunities are presented to children creating a connection between open ended and structured learning.  We believe that meaningful learning occurs where exploration, curiosity and independent thought support children in the development of lifelong learning dispositions.  This empowers children in reaching their individual potential.  Our intentional teaching acknowledges the rights of children’s agency and emphasises the connection of co-constructed knowledge.  Our environment is secure, nurturing, stimulating and responsive to individual interests, experiences and needs.  Children are provided with opportunity to explore, take risks daily and strengthen their resilience as part of their learning journey.  We encourage and represent children’s multiple voices and ideas as well as supporting them to listen, respect and collaborate with others. 

We appreciate the natural world that surrounds us, and our place within it.  At Monash Children’s Centre we ensure interactions with nature occur across all of our environments.  These provide endless possibilities for children to be curious and investigate their impact on the world around them.  Through this, a foundation for environmental education begins.  Together we will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness between social, economic, physical and environmental ecologies.  By involving children in sustainable living practices, we are inspiring children to actively pursue the development of a society which does not use resources faster than the planet makes them available.  This practice, we trust, will ignite children’s awareness and become the momentum that drives them to protect and preserve our precious people, animals and plants for the future.

Wellbeing is integral for at Monash Children’s Centre.  We provide a program which supports and facilitates active play, balanced meals and promotes a positive self-concept.  We believe social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of health are just as important as physical aspects in promoting feelings of self-competence and high self-esteem.  Children are actively involved in routines and conversations about healthy lifestyles which inform a positive and valued view of self-worth.  Food is important to the culture of Monash Children’s Centre and brings us together as a community.  We provide nutritious, seasonal and healthy food, rich in cultural diversity. 

A vision of a collaborative living and learning environment is shared amongst our educators, coordinators, cook and the Board of Directors.  We build on our collegiality by valuing each other’s individuality, experience and strengths.  A mutual proficiency in children’s learning is established as we inspire, challenge and collaborate in critical reflection together.   There is an emphasis on professional and personal growth for all educators.  As a team, we are committed to offering professional opportunities to students and volunteers, empowering them to make decisions about their professional practice.  We respect and value all early childhood professionals and work together to provide the best possible outcomes for all children.  Monash Children’s Centre is committed to advocating for the rights of each child and educator, and for respect and recognition of the early childhood profession. 

An awareness of the wider community and the importance of belonging are reflected within our learning environments.  We embrace diversity and believe in the preservation of family culture, languages and traditions.  In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge and pay respects to the people of the Kulin Nations, the Traditional Owners of the land on which we stand and Elders past and present. Monash Children’s Centre actively seeks to build relationships with Indigenous people, sharing personal culture and heritage to construct knowledge and a connection with the history of Australia.  Our connection to Monash University influences the high expectations we hold for the education, care and development of children and educators.  Through the sharing of knowledge, open communication and collaborative decision-making, we extend on our individual understandings to build partnerships between us and the wider community.

Open Door Policy

Monash Children’s Centre recognises the important role families have as their child’s first teacher. With this in mind our centre has an open door policy. We encourage parents to visit the centre at any time during the hours of operation and value the active participation of parents in their child’s program.