Uniques Features

Our Teachers

Our Teachers all have extensive experience in the Early Childhood field and either hold or are studying formal qualifications in Early Childhood Education and Care.  The majority of our teachers hold Diploma level qualifications, with Assistant Teacher’s holding Certificate III.  Our Educational Leaders and Kindergarten Teachers hold a recognised Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.  We employ well above the standard level of trained and experienced teachers which results in excellent staff:child ratios.

Our Teachers come from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and abilities.  Teachers are encouraged to share their home languages and culture with children through experiences and songs.  Many of the Teachers can communicate with families and children in their home languages.

Specialist Teachers

Some of our teachers hold special interest areas which we have embraced as part of our normal curriculum.  Our specialist teachers are given time to stay abreast of current trends and practices and be able to share, support and inform teachers, families and children in the centre.  Our specialist teachers are:

Pedagogical Leader: Responsible for the overseeing of curriculum development within the centre and provoking critical reflection and conversation of current professional practice.

Educational Leaders: Responsible for the overseeing of curriculum development and provoking critical reflection and conversation of current professional practice within their areas.

Inclusion Support Officer: Provides support, information and guidance to assist teachers in providing quality inclusive environments for all children.  This includes children with disabilities/high support needs, children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, Indigenous children and children from refugee or humanitarian intervention backgrounds.

Sustainability Officer: Provides support, information and guidance in relation to environmentally sustainable practices. 

Occupational Health and Safety Representative:  Assists in identifying and developing preventative strategies, policies and procedures relating to health and safety of children, employees, visitors and volunteers.

Nutrition and Natural Health Product Officer:  Researches and informs the centre cook, teachers and families about harmful additives in food and products and provides suitable alternatives.

Parent Partnership

We have an open door policy allowing families enrolled at the centre to be part of the day to day elements of their child’s time here at Monash Children’s Centre.  There are a range of ways in which families can be involved and influence their child’s care and education at the centre.  Families are welcome to call or meet with their child’s teachers regularly.  At least once a year a formal interview opportunity is offered where teachers and families can meet and discuss each child’s individual learning journey and future goals/aspirations.

Parents are invited to join the Board of Directors and engage in a higher level of partnership with the centre with strategic planning for the future being at the forefront.

The centre also hosts an Annual General Meeting where a guest speaker on a specific theme of interest will present.  This is also a fantastic time to network with other families and teachers of the centre and/or in your child’s room.