Sustainability Focus

At Monash Children’s centre we appreciate the natural world that surrounds us.  We hope to nurture an appreciation and connection with the natural world by immersing children in rich environments which compliment sustainable living practices.  We believe that this will create a learning culture for change with children and drive them to protect and preserve our precious plants, animals and people.

We do this by role modelling and encouraging children and families to:

  • Participate in the upkeep and harvesting of our vegetable garden
  • Reduce water waste – use rain water tanks for activities, repurpose water from activities/taps for garden beds/trees
  • Use recycled materials in play experiences (particularly art/craft)
  • Reuse paper/cardboard which has only been used on one side
  • Reduce paper waste by using email/website to communicate with families and teachers
  • Reduce the use of plastic goods within the centre
  • Purchase items locally to minimise our carbon footprint
  • Reduce the use of chemicals where possible
  • Engage in fun and meaningful learning with children, families and community about our environment and sustainable practices
  • Repurpose or fix broken items/toys